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International Exchange & Service Center of CCPIT Hunan Sub-Council


Established in 1997, International Exchange & Service Center of CCPIT Hunan Sub-Council (abbreviate to “IESC CCPIT Hunan”) is the functional organization of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hunan Sub-Council. Specializing in international exhibition, conference and training programs, IESC CCPIT Hunan is committed to the development of opening up Hunan province to the world. Prospective information, broad channels and professional service, are the key competences of IESC CCPIT Hunan, in a wish to attract the world to focus on Hunan, a land of both rich histories and pioneering modernizations.


IESC CCPIT Hunan has built long-term cooperation with tens of organizations, including governmental organizations, NGOs, private companies, colleges and academies, to offer overseas investigation and training service to governments, institutions, associations and enterprises in Hunan province on the fields referring to public administration, industry and commerce, taxation, insurance, agriculture, environmental protection as well as real estate development. The international exhibition and conference programs which are hold both in Hunan province and internationally by the IESC CCPIT Hunan, are becoming the most productive arenas to the international and Hunan enterprises and trade promotional organizations.


Under the aim of developing Hunan’s economy and society, in a way of bridging domestic and overseas enterprises and government, enterprises and enterprises; offering international liaison service, international exhibition service, international economic information service, international training service and international trade agency service; promoting foreign trade, utilizing foreign capitals, introducing advanced technology and equipment, IESC CCPIT Hunan, a vigous team, is looking forward to providing you a most efficient, professional and high-quality service .




International Exchange Service center,CCPIT,Hunan Sub-Council Hunan ICP 07001986 Add: 98 Wuyi Road, Changsha, Hunan, Thirteen Floor, No. 2 Code: 410001

TEL:+86-0731-82281777/82281999 FAX:+86-0731-82299912